Infertility: Part 1

Making this latest post was uncomfortable for me. First, the camera intimidated me. Second, I am exposing a part of my life that only a few friends and family know about. But my comfort and complacency must take a back seat if I want to engage with people on a real, authentic level about importantContinue reading “Infertility: Part 1”

No Doors

As I sat in the back row in the church listening to stories about my dear friend, the word “hospitality” kept coming to my mind. Hospitality used to invoke images of a plate of freshly baked cookies, an immaculately organized home, and a hostess wearing an apron and always smiling in welcome. True hospitality, though,Continue reading “No Doors”

God the Carpenter

At some point in your life someone probably asked you this question, “So, what are you going to do with your life?” When asking this question, he or she is generally referring to your career. They are not asking how are you going to contribute to making the world a better place, spreading the Gospel,Continue reading “God the Carpenter”